documentation: EMAIL

All user accounts should have access to a private mailbox. The address will simply be Mail sent to this address will be held in your mailbox (unless you have configured otherwise, but then you probably know what you're doing.)

To access the mailbox, you can SSH in and use a mail client such as mutt locally, or use the webmail interface.

Note that there is no spam filtering in effect; this is because I have yet to find a solution to this problem that is guaranteed not to accidentally block legitimate mail (which is unacceptable).

The mailserver system is extremely flexible in terms of mailing lists and forwarding and aliases; if you need something special talk to me or another geek to set you up, or read the qmail manpages on axdf. Especially helpful is the dot-qmail(5) manpage.

There is no POP or IMAP or SMTP access to your mailbox; if you want remote access, use the webmail interface mentioned above. This may change in the future, but only in some sort of secure way.