Blants Log

5th Apr 2007

Updated Apache and PHP to latest stable versions.

30th Mar 2007

Recompiled the kernel in response to NetBSD Security Advisory 2007-004.

10th Nov 2006

Added an 80 gig hard drive, and deconfigured the raid.

28th Oct 2006

Setup enduser login class with process limits.

Setup blants as an NTP server for internal use.

Setup host based authentication between lw and blants.

19th Sep 2006

Installed the following packages from pkgsrc:

Setup NIS YP server on blants.

17 Sep 2006

MP3 files moved to /pub.

User quotas enabled.

13 Sep 2006

The HTTPS certificate expired, a new one was generated.

OpenSSL installed from source (0.9.8c). The system binaries were renamed and the new binaries symlinked.

Apache httpd (2.2.3) was recompiled to make use of the new OpenSSL installation.

Installed the following packages from pkgsrc:

The build of the following packages failed, so they were not installed: